Before You Breed a Persian

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Spring is in the air, daylight hours are getting longer, and our girl cats are coming into heat...

"Hmm..maybe just ONE litter of kittens would be fun."
"We should have just ONE litter for the kids."
"I want to breed her so i can have kittens just like her."
"I just want ONE litter to make back the money i spent on buying her."
"Well, she's a purebred, papered Persian - why NOT breed her?"

Choosing a Persian

Welcome Mat

Buy vs. Rescue
There are a few things you should decide before you start shopping around. Decide on the colors or patterns that you like most. Also, you need to know ahead of time whether you plan on showing your Persian. If you don't plan on showing, then you probably want a "pet-quality" cat. You should decide whether or not the age and sex of the cat matters, too.

Adopting/Rescuing Chia, an Adult Cat

Before my younger brother was born, I had a lovely long-haired grey smoke boy, Smokey. But shortly after my brother's birth, he became sick with congestion and cough. This lasted for almost a year until the doctor asked if we had any animals and then suggested maybe my brother was allergic to Smokey. My mother sent Smokey for a visit with relatives to test the situation, and my brother cleared up completely. Smokey returned; my brother was sick again.

Sassy - The Good Pet

The first time I saw the little cat at the shelter where I worked, my heart went out to her. She was so scared and shaking. Her beautiful coat was dirty and knotted; her big eyes infected and sore; and her ears were so painful, she could hardly hold them up. I just wanted to take her in my arms and hold her, but she was hissing and growling and just too afraid to trust anyone.

Learning Patience: "Karing" for Kita

Mocha is the first cat I have ever adopted. The first thing I did was to change her name from Mocha to Kita. I don’t know who named her Mocha, but if I know an animal has been abused or neglected, I want to give them a fresh start and a new name. I was told that Kita was three years old and she had been in six different homes. I vowed never to abandon her or hurt her in any way. She had been left at a shelter because the other animals in the home "beat up on her", according to the Surrender Form.


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