What's in Your Persian's Mouth?

Inflamed Gums

Your Persian's mouth can be much like a Petri dish, and as a Persian owner, you'd better be on your guard. Perhaps you've been unpleasantly surprised by a furry friend's pungent yawn blasting you in the face. Or maybe you've peeled back your Persian's lips at some point and discovered puffy, reddened flesh at the gumline.

Dental Hygiene

Tartar & Gingivitis
Like humans, Persians can accumulate tartar on their teeth. Additionally, they can certainly develop gingivitis. Proper dental care is a good habit to start when your cat is at a young age. Talk to your vet about scheduling a regular teeth cleaning. You can also clean your cat's teeth in between vet visits. A good place to look for dental care products is Revival Animal Health.

Bad Breath


Chicken Wing Benefits

Raw chicken wings are really an ideal thing for dental health. I have had my cats on all raw for almost a year now. The older ones still have rotten mouths from the years on dry food. But my two youngest have been on raw since weaning, and their teeth are still wonderful. Granted, they are still young, but many Persians seem to start acquiring tartar and tooth problems before a year anyway.