Cat Vaccination Schedule


You have just brought home your new kitten and now you must take care of her health which includes knowing when to get your cat vaccinated with the proper vaccines. You will also need to know your local and state laws governing your pet's health. Generally, your state and local community require that certain shots should be given to your cat and at what intervals. Your veterinarian should know what these are and when they are to be administered.

Breeding Purebred Cats

Happy Persian Cat Couple

If you are interested in breeding purebred cats for monetary gains, you have to consider the pros and cons first before going down this road. While the rewards are generous and rewarding, cat breeding is not for all. People have this mistaken perception that cat breeding is as easy as just letting cats mate. In fact it’s just the opposite. While earning money is part of the plan in breeding, it should not be the main motivating factor.

Cat Breeder Ethics

Shocked Person

Life is like a box of cat breeders. You never know what you're gonna get.

The Fundamentals of Cat Breeding

Educate Yourself

People who are very fond of cats sometimes choose to breed cats with the idea of "the more, the merrier." Cat owners sometimes want to bring more cats into the world by getting involved in cat breeding. The results are wonderful as more adorable cats can find homes and people to love them, but the steps involved in breeding cats must be carefully followed to help ensure the health of the cat and her baby kittens.

Breeders, Papers, & Shots (Oh My!)

Scared Man

Breeders 101
It is very important to do some homework before deciding on a breeder. If possible, you should visit the cattery to see first hand the enviroment in which the cats are being raised. You will want to observe whether the cats are kept in the home or in cages. Find out how long he/she has been breeding Persians and if you can meet the kitten's mother and father. Do not be afraid to ask the breeder lots of questions - they should have plenty of questions for you, too.


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