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Madam Amber

My beloved six-year-old tortie, Amber, is my greatest company and my perpetual delight. We moved from New Zealand to Australia in late 2004 - an expensive process, especially for her (fortunately no quarantine). Non-cat people look askance at the cost, but cat-people (like yourselves) understand that you can't leave behind one of the family. She arrived at the beginning of a typically hot Australian summer - but Her Ladyship adapted better than I did, despite the coat, while I was to be found in a little puddle on the floor!


Minnu Gives Birth

My Minnu, my tabby Persian, was in pain as she was due to give babies. I usually sleep with my bedroom closed, so she waited outside my door in the drawing room 'til morning, bearing the pain. When I woke up in the morning, she came to me and sat beside me, meooing loudly. I had to get ready for my office, but she wouldn't let me go. I left everything and sat beside her, constantly petting her and telling her sweet nothings.


Short Story Series 4

Patty and the Pickle Jar
Submitted by: Whitney Clark


Rescued or Rescuer?

Let me start by saying I am not a writer. Neither am I an expert on Persians. (I've only had one, and she's only been with me about a week and a half.) I am an expert on miracles, and twice, God has sent one in the form of a cat. I want to share my life story with you in hopes that it will help at least one other person. Also, I hope it will encourage everyone to give their "rescue" kitties or little miracles an extra hug.



If you've ever lost a pet, you know the pain of not knowing what fate they have found. My story is one of hope. My Persian, Tussy, was about a year and a half old when she came up missing. Tussy was my heart and soul, and I can't even explain the pain I have felt for over two years, wondering about her. I had done everything I could do when she came up missing, and it was no help. For two years, I had wondered about if she was ok.


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