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Want to Give a Persian a Home?

Let's find a home for Mica...
Price: No Charge
Weight: 4 lbs.
Age: 11 years old
Location: Long Island, NY (But her current owner can transport her to you!)
A note from her current owner:

"I adopted her 1 year ago but can no longer keep her because my 6-month-old daughter is allergic to her. Mica was adopted by a friend of mine at the age of 2. My friend found her at Animal Welfare. She had been battered badly by her previous family, and was removed from their home after someone reported them. She had broken ribs, a broken jaw, and a broken tail. To this day, she keeps her tail curled up under her and never puts it up. She has very few teeth left as her jaw is out of alignment, and her teeth do not line up. She requires teeth cleaning a few times per year. She eats only soft food (cannot chew hard food). Anyway, my friend had Mica for 9 years but had to give her up when she relocated. I felt bad for my friend because she could find no one to take Mica, so I adopted her. I desperately need to find a home for Mica... someone who will love her, groom her regularly (no easy task because Mica is so sensitive to being touched on her "sore spots"), and take care of her few remaining teeth. She is a wonderful, cuddly and loving old girl who would make a good lap cat. I need to find a special person for this special Persian. I am in Long Island, NY. I have flight priviledges through my job and could easily transport Mica to a new home out of state, if the right person came along to adopt her."

If you are interested in giving Mica a home, please e-mail her current owner at .

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