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Greetings, Persian Fans!

The contents of this newletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room. Please feel free to submit suggestions for future newsletters here!

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This Month's Features:
Household Cats Can Show, Too!
Games for Kitty

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Household Cats Can Show, Too!
By Cara B.

"Have you ever shown or would you like to?" It's a question that comes up often amongst cat owners. Surprisingly, many people respond, "My cat is just a pet and wouldn't be able to compete with show cats." This could be one of the biggest misconceptions associated with showing.

You do not have to own a Grand Champion cat to participate in a show. Within the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), you can register your cat in the Household Pet Division, and he/she can compete in a real cat show! The judges look for care in coat, good teeth and overall condition. It is extremely helpful if your cat has a calm disposition and will not claw the judges! If your cat is in healthy condition and has a good disposition, there is a great chance that you could come home with the Best Household Pet rosette ribbon and many other ribbons to display.

Of course, winning is not everything when you show your cat. The experience of being part of such an exciting event makes it worth while. You will have an opportunity to meet many people at the show and spend some quality time with your cat. And the scenery is fantastic! You will see decorated cages featuring anything from lace to jungle prints curtains. Some cats even have little hammocks and twin beds in which they sleep!

If you have never been to a cat show before, it's time to go! It is wise to attend cat shows before you show your own cat(s). You will want to familiarize yourself with the way a show is set up. Joining a cat club and having other people who have shown before really helps as well. You can find out more information on the CFA website ( Also, check out the "Before You Show" section here at!

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(A poem by Chris Wendland)

Cleaning and pruning oneself before rest.
Thinking of the next best rest area after the next.
Between ones rests we play ball and dart about
Putting on a clown show.
From time to time we curl upon your lap to get stroked
and talked too.
soon hugs and kisses follow by a great nap place.

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Games for Kitty
(This information came from Lacey P.)

Finder's Keepers
Line up three paper cups - let your cat see you place a treat under one. He/she will knock over the cups until she finds the treat. Repeat and even move the cups around to see if he/she can remember.

Flashlight Fun
Shine a flashlight on the wall or floor (never in cats eyes) and see how your cat beams! He/she will get some exercise and maybe you could, too.

Hide 'N Seek
Find your hiding place and keep "popping out" to make eye contact with your cat. Your little hunter will become excited with this game of cat and mouse.

Toy Treasures
Let your cat see a toy before you hide it behind a pillow or under a throw rug. He/she will use his/her memory and hunter's skills to find the treasure. Home Newsletter Archives 

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