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Greetings, Persian Fans!

The contents of this newletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room. Please feel free to submit suggestions for future newsletters here!

Lindsay Richman
Site Owner

This Month's Features:
A Christmas Tree Tip
The New Mr. Bigglesworth
Nailing the Art of Nail Trimming

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A Christmas Tree Tip
(This information came from Patsy S.)

Have you ever wondered how to keep your Christmas tree from being knocked over by a wild Persian? Take a small nail and attach it to your ceiling directly over where the tree stands. Run a piece of fishing line (ideal because it is very thin) from the nail to the top of your tree and tie if off. This will keep the tree standing perfectly, no matter who gets into it.


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The New Mr. Bigglesworth

Congratulations to Sue Johnson of Cozy Kittens Cattery!

Her precious new baby has been chosen to play Mr. Bigglesworth in the third Austin Powers movie, "Austin Powers in Goldmember." What a thrill!

Mr. Bigglesworth

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Nailing the Art of Nail Trimming
(This information came from Luanna M., Myriam G., Birgit F., Monica D., Heather H., Jill S., Reenie N., Cheryl W., & Lana E.)

Some cats can be very uncooperative about having their nails trimmed. Here are some tips from the users at

  • Let a groomer or friend help you. Cats are usually more subdued when they're in unfamiliar surroundings and/or handled by a stranger.
  • Clip your cat's nails when he/she is sleepy.
  • Hold your cat and talk to him/her in a soft/comforting voice. (If you are frustrated, your cat will sense it.)
  • Cover the cat's eyes so he/she doesn't see what's happening.
  • Cut one or two nails at a time and then give your cat a break. After a while, do a few more. It will take longer, but may work since they only need to be tolerant for short bursts of time.
  • Follow up with some treats, gentle words, and petting.
  • Provide a good scratching post. This can help the cat keep his/her claws in shape. (Some will like a standard post, while others might want an ordinary brick stone or a nice piece of wood.)
Note: A good sharp instrument is absolutely essential. Otherwise, you might twist the claw while cutting or have to go over it more than once. Home Newsletter Archives 

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