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Greetings, Persian Fans!

The contents of this newletter are inspired by the visitors of PERSIAN-CATS.COM. The following tips and information come primarily from bulletin board postings and particularly useful discussions in the chat room. Please feel free to submit suggestions for future newsletters here!

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This Month's Features:
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Persians
Grand Champion Rhianna Lynne of WiccaCats

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Persians

Bunny Heart & Plastic Ball or Lamb Heart & Plastic Ball
These plump plush hearts contain catnip and come with a jingle ball. They are priced at $2.99 each and available at

The Wild Thing
This fun feather toy should bring out the wild side of your Persian. The sale price is $6.39 at

Cosmic Catnip
A container of fresh catnip is always a good standby. Pay $1.69 for 1 oz or $3.39 for 2 oz. Visit


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Grand Champion Rhianna Lynne of WiccaCats
By Jean of WiccaCats Enchanted Persians

In Memory, Love, and Tribute
February 12, 1985 to August 18, 2000

For all beginnings there must be an end
and though I know these things, I stand here unsure
unwilling to release you - as you hold the very essence of my heart
My soul, most precious, that is yours alone.

What we gave each other was it all -
sharing our souls - becoming as one
your beauty making me feel beautiful -
loved, cherished, touched - at a time in my life
when there was no other but you.

I love you, Rhianna Lynne, my beautiful baby girl
the re-incarnation of my soul
You - my familiar, my light of darkest days,
the love that guided me past the darkness into the light.

Thank you for sharing my life, my soul,
for giving me the gift of your love
for guiding me and watching over me like no other.

Just as you took away my pain so many times,
I found it my most difficult task to take away yours -
To save you and send you on your journey.
A soul--- unbound, pure and free
released into all eternity.

Go with God - Rhianna - go free
to frolick once again in the light.
For even as I mourn now
I know I will always have a part of you.
As we are bound as no other - and even now I can feel you with me.

I stand no longer alone, but with you always
as I know you will guide and comfort me
And thus I will continue - carry on
Not without you -
As that part you gave me will be with me always.

Blessed be - Rhianna -Always - Rhianna Home Newsletter Archives 

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