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Trip to Germany

Day 1
My luggage was some of the last to arrive, and I was really nervous that it didn't make it. Fortunately, it did. Birgit and I took a taxi to her home. During our ride, I discovered that Frankfurt has some of the smallest cars I've ever seen. There is one called the Smart which is a joint venture by Mercedes Benz and Swatch. The gas mileage must be phenomenal.

The street on which Birgit lives is beautiful. I love the architecture. She dropped me off and went to work, so I could sleep for the rest of the afternoon. Elsa, her bicolor Persian, is such a beauty.

Birgit returned home around 5pm, and I was just waking up. We went out to dinner down the street. Then we came home and chatted on the site for a while.

Day 2
My favorite thing about waking up in Birgit's home is watching Elsa request her morning cat grass. She herds Birgit over to the windowsill where it grows. Then Birgit cuts a few pieces for her, and Elsa is in ecstasy. After she eats it, she purrs so hard that she sounds like a pigeon!

Frankfurt is a very clean city. There is a river that runs through it... the Main not the Rhine. This morning we got up and walked to a cafe for coffee and croissants. We sat with a man from Montreal and an older German woman. We discussed feminism, cats, and graphic art. The woman was interested in opening a restaurant specifically for businesswoman. So the four of us brainstormed about possibilities for logos and advertising. It was the most productive conversation I've ever had with complete strangers!

Then Birgit and I took the underground into the center city area and walked around the shops. First we visited a shop that sells all things feline! Next we went to an art bookstore that had the most amazing selection: painting, photography, graphics, etc. Then we walked around the city so I could take pictures. We had lunch and returned home to rest.

Later that afternoon, we went to the Art Supermarket, which I loved. They sell paintings by local artists. We went to dinner at a restaurant that Birgit's friends own. I ate duck, and it was wonderful!

Day 3
We went out for coffee and breakfast breads, and I had my new favorite chocolate spread. (Mmm... Gnutella!)

We took the underground to a small town outside of Frankfurt. The houses looked like gingerbread and were built in the 1700s. We walked up to the Kronberg Castle and took pictures. It was built around the 1200s, I think.

While we were by the castle, we discovered a small fire that had been abandoned. We were concerned about it being unattended, so Birgit called the fire brigade to put it out.

We took the train back and stopped for cake and coffee next to the art museum. We were going to visit the musuem but the lines were so long. So we went home to relax a little.

That evening, we hit an authentic German restaurant complete with cider. Everyone sat together at huge wooden tables. It was a great evening!

Day 4
When I woke up, it was snowing. I hated to get out of bed, but I had a flight to catch. I was sad to return home, but it was wonderful seeing Birgit again and meeting Elsa! They were so kind to welcome me into their home, and I'm eternally grateful for the experience!

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