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Flora & Fauna Felines

I just want to take a few minutes to say how pleased I am with how this contest is going. It has been active for only a week, and already there are over 35 photos in it. And they look wonderful! If you haven't checked it out, I encourage you to do so. I'm guessing this contest is much easier to participate in since it doesn't require convincing your Persian to put on a costume!

This is completely unrelated, but I want to tell you about a TV show I've been watching lately. It's "Animal Cops" on the Animal Planet network. It's an excellent show, but you might need a strong stomach. They film in major U.S. cities and rescue dogs, cats, etc. living in deplorable conditions. (Last night, it was the Michigan Humane Society working in Detroit.) Unfortunately, the animals sometimes have to be put down, but more often they are cared for and then adopted out to good homes. And sometimes there is enough of a case to go after the offenders in court. It's nice to see some justice now and then!

Time for my morning Starbucks...

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