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Thursday, August 28
Site Owner`s Corner




For the clarification of my guests here at, I would like to offer an analogy on how I see my site. is like my house: I built it, I decorate it, and I pay for it. It serves as a creative outlet for me to express my love of Persians, and it brings me great pleasure to welcome many guests inside to enjoy my home along with me. All I ask in return is that people follow house rules during their visit.

Like any house, this one is a work in progress - it's ever changing and requires daily maintenance. Sometimes a room no longer functions in the way I intended, and so I rearrange the furniture. I may choose a different color scheme every so often. There are also times when a room may need to be added or the wiring brought up to code. Regardless of the kind of remodeling that is needed, I would not ask my guests permission to change my home, nor would I justify to them why there was a renovation.

So please continue to enjoy visiting my home. But above all, my invited guests must always bring their good manners.

Statement on the Purpose of Site Modifications:
Any actions taken and any changes made are simply for the good of my site That will always be the reason. This blog entry serves as the definitive answer to the question of why changes are made now and in the future.