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Archive: Urgent Help
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Corneal Secestrum gingerbiscuit 2006-12-14 19:43:54
About 3 months after buying winston from the breeders, I suddenly noticed he had a black circle in his eye, only to be old by the vet that he has a corneal secestrum. I was told to give it a chance to heal on its own, a year later, he still has it and it has shown no signs of it healing. He keeps his eye shut most of the time and shakes his head a lot, I purchased dome ointment from the vet to help to ease the pain only to be told to stop using it as it could make it worse - an operation is now next on the list but was told that may not solve the problem! On top of that he has inverted testicles which means him having to have a major operation or he could get cancer and he also has a really bad bite (when he eats anything he cant shut his mouth up properly) and he also wees and poo's all over the house.

I just dont know what to do with him anymore and it has been a nightmare for me and for my baby. I barely had him and all this happened.

Has anyone else had similar problems?


Ashford 2006-12-16 12:24:27
Hi Lucy,
I'm sorry that no one here so far has been able to help you. Perhaps none of us has any answers but you could certainly use our moral support if nothing else. I sure feel for you and your baby.

I had a dog that came to me sick and it was a nightmare because I loved her so much (still do).It's like having a baby who is born with or soon develops severe health problems. We just have to deal with it and it's very difficult and expensive, not to mention heart wrenching.

Why don't you take your cat to another vet - not just any vet but perhaps you could get a recommendation.

You might also want to get on the Members News Forum here and ask if there is anyone within 100 miles of your area (if it's feasible for you to drive that distance) who can recommend a very good vet.

You could also research your kitty's health problems on the internet and see if you'll find any answers there.

I think school may be out of session right now but Davis Univ in California has an excellent School of Vet Med and I've called them for advice for my dog. I'm in Hawaii. I didn't bother with the U of H here.

I am going to see if you've yet been sponsored here and if not, I'll sponsor you now so that you can post on all of the forums here. The Members News forum seems to get the most usage.

Please hang in there with your baby and get a good vet's help.

All the best,

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