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This read-only archive contains a partial list of threads posted prior to our 2007 forum migration.

Archive: Urgent Help
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Upper Respiratory Infection Briannag2191 2007-01-09 20:54:31
I took her to the vet today, and just like we all thought she has an upper respiratory infection. The vet gave me ammoxycillin to give her for 7 to 10 days. She is otherwise in good health just very underweight, she only weighs 4 lbs but that's from being in a pound and not having tlc. Thank goodness everything turned out ok.


azurine 2007-01-10 07:32:07
it is always nice to hear such good news.. Pat

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dzyngel 2007-01-10 15:56:41
Good to hear that! Feed her a good quality food and soon enough she'll reach her potential weight and have a great coat. Don't forget to post her picture in the gallery.

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