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bleeding poop khalid27 2007-02-09 14:09:23
Well, hi everybody .. It's my first time have a sweet silver shaded persian kitten, Scoobey. I got him 3 days ago and he's such a cutie. I have two other 9 month Siamese, Tom& cindy, and they're really wonderful.. They've been very fine till now but I have some questions to ask and I hope I'll find some satisfying answers.

The first time I checked the litter box, I found that Scoobey has loose poop. The next day, for my surprise, while i was cleaning the litter box again , I found out that there was a tiny drop of blood on the top of the poop. This morning,it's really worring as there is more blood!! Iam so worried about my Scoobey although hes really active and eats and drinks well too.

Another thing is when should I take him to the vet? Should I go now or wait for some time? I feed him like Tom& Cindy sometimes boiled rice mixed with vegetables and chicken, other times canned whiskas,which is a mistake as it's for adult cats starting from one year plus. He liked eggs too when I let him try them.

He doesn't like me to groom him in the beginning . He tries to jump off my laps, but then he stay for a while .
Is there a certain way in which I can hold him to be groomed?

I almost forgot to say that Scoobeyis almost 6 weeks of age.

Iam sorry for the VERY long message.. but I know that there are so nice people in here ..

Love from Egypt,
Khalid,Tom,Cindy and Scoobey of course xxx


schavon2 2007-02-09 23:16:21
i'm in egypt too. i'd take him to the vet. dr amer in digla is very good. 6 weeks is pretty young, and if there is anything wrong with him, they can plummet pretty fast

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khalid27 2007-02-10 05:20:21
Thanks Jane for your concern.. I got the number of a vet who is nearby and she gave me some direction until I go to her clinic
Khalid& Scoobey

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vandeventer45 2007-02-10 15:24:49
Dear Khalid,

Sweetie, I am so sorry about your baby and I know how upset you are! We had the same problem with our Sammy at the same age. Took him to the vet, they told us it was nothing and then he ended up with severe rectal prolaps. It was very serious and the operation to fix it cost us us $1,000 US. It was not sucessfull and the problem returned. I would suggest you keep him on a home cooked diet, I have been cooking butternut, carrots, and sweetpotatoes fot Sammy. I mix a little bit of turkey or chicken in with it. He also loves fresh papaya, goes nuts for it and I add that to his veggies, all mashed together. Be carefull of giving him too much rice, that can cause constipation and you do not want that! I am not saying your little one has the same problem as Sammy, but I do believe that if I had him on this diet, he would not have had the severe problems. He is a beautifull 8 1/2 month old odd-eyed white little Persian-boy, healthy, happy and the love of my life.

I will help you any way I can, just ask.

Bigg huggs,

Mari, Gwenyvere, Lancelot, Alex Andra Roberta and Sammy.

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khalid27 2007-02-10 15:59:19
Dear Mari

I can't get to thank you for the directions you gave me .. I really appreciate it .. The vet told me over the phone to give Scoobey boiled rice with boiled chicken mashed up together .. The point now is that he really likes to eat with Tom& Cindy his elder brother and sis. and I make them this mixture of boiled rice,carrots, peas, pumpkin and adding to this some minced beef and some of canned whiskas..I don't know if this is dangerous for him .. You know, I tried to let Tom& Cindy eat seperately in another room while I fed Scoobey myself with my hand ..It was ok but when I opened the door and still had some food in their plate, he ran at break neck speed to share them .. not sure if you can help me with this point.. Well, I'll go to the vet's tomorrow as she said but I have this feling that you're a caring mom to your babies and have the experience too.

Ah, another point is that Tom & Cindy who are Siamese are beginning to grow up as I notice in Tom's behavior towards Cindy.. Is there a problem for Scoobey to be around during this period .. Cindy also seems to be a bit lonely and sad .. she sleeps more than usual .. I don't know if this is natural due to Scoobey's arrival as she used to be my lulled baby before he came.. well, iam not saying that iam ignoring her ,but ofcourse Scoobey is taking a great part of my short time, specially that he's sick.. wish us the best

Thanks again Mari.. Your support means alot to me and my babies

Huggs & kisses

Khalid,Tom,Cindy and Scoobey

P.S: Your babies look wonderful.. I just viewed their pictures .

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vandeventer45 2007-02-10 18:35:03
Khalid, I am sending you a pm. Don't worry, you are doing GREAT!

Huggs, Mari and all the Precious Ones1

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khalid27 2007-02-12 14:45:20
Thanks alot everyone who cared to help and I'd like to speciall thank Mari.. Thank you,dear.. Scooby has almost no blood in his poop now,thank God.. What he and I suffer from right now is the time when I have to give him his medicines..it's a very hard time indeed for me and him .. He looks miserable when he feels that it's time for the medicine and I can't stand his meawing in such a tortured way.. What makes things worse is that he spits most of the medicine out !!!! I called the vet in search for any other way to give him the medicines but she told that it's the only way by the mouth :( But she also told me that the best way to handle this is to put the cering at the side of the mouth .. am afraid to hurt him or make him bleed by mistake..
I hope it's gonna work out ..

Another point is how to clean him after all the mess he causes after spitting the medicine out ?

I hope to find some answers


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