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Archive: Urgent Help
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Substrate Preference Emmy06 2007-09-25 13:32:20
Please help. Our 3 yr-old Persian seems to have a substrate preference and is peeing inappropriately. He loves to pee on bedding. He'll pee in the litter box as well, but he loves the bedding. We have worked with an animal behavioralist and have tried all the usual things - changing litter types, litter box location, removing the hood, etc. No urinary tract infections to the best of our knowledge. The only solution is to put a plastic covering on the bed to get him to stop, which isn't really a permanent solution. However since we've done that, he doesn't pee on the bedding anymore, so I don't think it's an "acting out" kind of problem. I have heard that there are studies that link this type of problem with a genetic flaw found in some Persians. Any thoughts? (We adopted him from a breed rescue group so we have no pedigree/family history on him.)



Cooper 2007-09-25 17:51:37
If he has not been vet checked for a UTI that should be the first thing done. It can be a life threatening problem if he has crystals - this could stop him from using the box because he associates pain with the box. I have never heard of a genetic litterbox problem with persians.

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Emmy06 2007-09-26 09:23:16
He's been checked by a vet and has had a full blood workup - no problems. I don't think it's litter box avoidance b/c like I said, once we've put the plastic on the bed, he doesn't do it anymore. But as soon as we take it off, he does it again. And it's only bedding - he doesn't pee on couches, carpet, or anyplace else.

He is also fighting horribly with our two other cats and after working with an animal behavioralist for the past 6 months, we've decided it's a lost cause. So we were going to return him to the breed rescue group that he came from. Once the shelter owner heard about his peeing problems though, she advised us to put him down. She said they've run into a few cases with Persians where they just don't get the litter box thing. I have found several studies online that seem to support her statement that it's a genetic issue.

Please help. We don't want to put this kitty down, but are quickly running out of options. :( My question is, if it's a genetic issue, can it be fixed? Would medication help?

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vannies 2007-09-26 09:41:52
I am leaving you a PM - I have rescues and have worked with behavioral problems. I have a few ideas for you.

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