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Keeps peeing on me in my bed at night amateurowner 2007-10-23 20:53:40
Neutered male persian keeps peeing on me at night(6 times this year). I've read about it and ruled out most other causes, but I am open to any suggestions. I realized he seems to do this on nights when I am home late from work. All summer, when I was home a lot, he never did this. What can I do? I am desperate. I am miserable. FYI, I adopted him from a shelter and so he was neutered AFTER he started puberty. I keep the litter box pristine, use Feliway, and use the same litter. but, i don't think this is a litterbox issue.


cleonjay 2007-10-24 13:29:42
You might want to take him to the vet to check for UTI or crystals. Sometimes they do this to tell us they hurt or don't feel well.
Good luck,
Jaycee, Maid Marianne and Darla

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Hanumen 2007-10-26 12:56:34
Sounds like it may be a behaviour thing.
First get him to the vet.
But you may want to try not letting him sleep with you.
Put him in a room with his litter box- let him sleep there at night.
It'll become "His place" and he'll feel safe there.
OR just close your bedroom door- let him have the rest of the house.
I would put down plastic sheets on the couches and chairs if you choose this- protect instead of clean.

He might eventually get the point that peeing on you keeps him from you.

Also- are you cleaning with a really good animal cleaner? Something like Nature's Miracle. It has natural enzymes to get rid of the smell. They like to go back to where they've gone in the past.

Good luck and let us know!

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amateurowner 2007-11-21 15:28:33
Clean bill of health. Behavioral issue.
Doesn't occur on weekends when I am home a lot of the day. He is just so happy to be with me- in my arms, on my lap, or next to me when I am home.
I have confined him at night, but my place is small and he seems more and more unhappy. I am sick over this. I am going to have to try and find him a home where he gets the human interaction he wants.

At this point, I have to find him a home where he is happier. I have posted on the adoption board, but of course I will have to tell any potential adopters the whole story so I don't know who might be willing to take on a cat with this issue. Truly, though, the whole summer when I was home a lot he did not pee so I believe he could be fine in a different ennvironment

Thank you for your help.
This is such a cool cat, with one fatal flaw!

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