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This read-only archive contains a partial list of threads posted prior to our 2007 forum migration.

Archive: Urgent Help
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toilet help milkymark 2007-11-22 06:47:20
Please help, my 10 year old persian billy FB, has in the past month started using our hall floor to poo on and his tray to wee on only, he always used to use his tray for both, nothing has changed in our home or lifestyle he is not stressed over anything.

we let him out during the dry summer, but not on wet days or in winter.

please help.


BrandyAW 2007-11-22 17:35:20
Well, is it the hall that leads to the door or right by the door he goes out? He could be expressing his displeasure at not being able to go outside. Other than that, it could be a medical problem and you should at least call his vet.


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Chaleur 2007-11-23 06:57:05
Unusual behaviours like this should always be vet checked.
You could also try adding a second litter box...maybe for some reason he doesn't want to do both on one. When you let him out in the summer, does he poo outdoors and come in to pee? Maybe if he has been doing this, it may be confusing him some...

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azurine 2007-11-26 07:35:36
I agree with Joan, first make sure he has no medical issue and then try a second tray. lots of kittys prefer one for wee and one for poo. Like they said he may be confused since he does go outside sometimes.. and his age may have something to do with it.
Also he may want more privacy.... cats are funny good luck pat

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