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 Post subject: Re: Raw Chicken diet
PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 12:37 am 

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When it comes to chicken bones, they are not safe when they are cooked (boiled, baked, whatever). The cooking causes them to splinter more sharply and into fine pieces than raw bones. The only possible exception is neck bones. They can be fed cooked with no safety concerns since they do not splinter but naturally crush. (Karyn, you can cook the bones and then finely grind them without problems, but I'm not sure why one would do that.)

Raw chicken bones do have a slight risk of a cat choking on one. Over the years, I have only had one cat choke on a bone, which led to me fishing the bone out of his throat. Cats are very good at chewing bones to the right size to swallow. It does take cats a few tries at raw bones to understand what to do with them and then most cats love the challenge! The only other problem is some cats will overindulge in bones and that throws off their elimination for a day or so.

You can feed other bones, such as quail, small turkey bones, or rabbit bones, but most other bones are too large for a cat to actually eat.

Karyn -- only chicken??? Of all the meats I feed, chicken is the least liked.


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 Post subject: Re: Raw Chicken diet
PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:09 am 
Kitten Class
Kitten Class

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At the beginning i used to grind but later i found out that grinding makes the bones into small splinters may be my grinder was not appropriate anyway thats when I stopped grinding. I feed broiler chicken which is suppose to have very soft bones. After reading all the posts i think raw will be better and needs less effort :). Just have to make sure its fresh not rotten.

I heard that Cheetahs put their hunt hanging in the tree for days to make it a bit rotten before eating. Is it true?? Do wild cats do the same?


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