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Tuesday, May 1
Soy Ahoy

Take the cat food and put it in a plastic bag. Pound it with a meat hammer (or normal) until a chunky powder has devoloped. Put the powder in a dish (or bowl preferebly). Heat milk in microwave for 30 seconds. Add a little milk at a time to make a soft food. It's great with kittens!!!

Crab Divine

First cut the crab sticks into bite-size pieces and toss them into a mixing bowl. Next add the canned cat food and canned corn. Then cut the vegetables into very tiny pieces (maybe even grind them up) and put them in the bowl. Finally add the sour cream and mix it all together. There you have it - a delicious meal for your cat!

Diarrhea Cure

Boil the whole works until the meat falls off the bone. Allow to cool and cut the meat into very small pieces. Feed about two tablespoons per cat several times a day.

Kitty Taco

You will need:

Heat skillet and start browning ground beef. When meat is half cooked, add bell pepper. Cook the mixture until onions are translucent, and the meat golden brown. On low heat, stir tomato paste, corn oil, chopped tortilla, bone meal, brewers' yeast, and salt. Stir until heated through. Cool and serve topped with grated cheese. Yields 2-3 servings.

Store unused portions in an airtight container and keep refrigerated. This may be fed to your cat once or twice a week.

Mixing 1 teaspoon of mineral oil with your cat's food once or twice a week will help prevent hair balls and constipation!

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Cat Wrap

You will need:

Mix up ground chicken with chicken broth inside the mixing bowl. After these are mixed, pour the chicken onto the middle of the tortilla. Add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/8 cup of cream on top of the chicken. Now roll up only two sides of the tortilla until they reach each other. Fold the other sides on top of the rolled up sides until they touch. Serve to your cat!
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Kitten Delight

You will need:

Pour milk into the measuring cup then pour into the bowl. Repeat with chicken broth. Tear 1/3 slice of bread into tiny bits, then dump into the mixing bowl. Heat in the microvave for approximately 1 minute. When finished, let cool then serve to kitten.
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Tuna Treats (alternative to cat treats)

Makes approximately 60 treats:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease cookie sheets with cooking spray. In large bowl, mash the tuna (or chicken) into smaller pieces. Then add flour and milk. Mix well. After all is mixed, pour in water and oil. Mix well again. Next beat egg in seperate dish until egg gets a foamy texture. Add to mix. Mix well. The dough mix will be sticky, so don't worry. Using your fingers, shape dough into samll bite size balls - about the size of a marble. Put balls on greased cookie sheets. Flatten balls with hand. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove treats from oven wait five minutes and turn treats over so other side will cook. Bake 10 more minutes or until golden brown in color. Place treats on cookie rack to cool. Cool for 15 minutes. NEVER give treats to your pet right after cooking. You can add the catnip in the recipe or sprinkle on top of treats. They like it either way. Store in air tight container and store in refrigerator or cool dry place.
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Raw Meal for Kitty

Meat - Ground beef, lamb, chicken, turkey - NO pork - (the coarser the ground, the better). For each pound take 6 oz of spring water (or low salt broth) add 4 drops grapefruit seed extract and mix into meat. Add water and/or broth until you get the consistency of thick chili. Per each pound of raw meat add:

Two or three times a week add some coat supplement. If stools get too loose, cut back on oil. Optional: Feed at least twice a day. You may freeze or keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
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SassyKat's Tuna-Pops (even safe for diabetic cats)

Drain liquid from tuna packed in spring water. Freeze liquid in small ice cube trays (cocktail ice cube trays work nicely, as well as little square pill boxes available at most drug stores - only fill these half full). Give no more than 2 cubes at 1 time as a treat. Reuse your can of drained tuna by placing in it an airtight container and covering with filtered water overnight for a second batch of tuna-pop water.

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SassyKat's Special Dinner (good for cats with diabetes or kidney problems) Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly with a wooden spoon or in a blender/food processor. It's important to get the rice mixed in well so that it can't be picked out. (Diabetics need fiber and cats with kidney failure problems need to limit their protein intake so this serves two purposes.) Cook in a small Pyrex skillet over low heat, stirring and "chopping" constantly, until the egg is at least soft-set but done. Refrigerate in air-tight containers, such as Tupperware, RubberMaid, or Zip-Lock baggies. Use within 36 hours (refrigerated). Stores well in the freezer in Zip-Lock baggies and can be thawed and warmed simultaneously in boiling water in the bag.
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Diet for the Cat with Kidney Problems Blend the above ingredients together and store in glass jar. Each day mix the following into each meal or administer by dropper after the meal: Once a week give:
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Cat Chef
Cat food is carefully formulated to have all the nutrition that a cat needs. However, there may come a day when you are feeling particularly creative in the kitchen. So here is a collection of recipes to make for your cat. We cannot make any claims about these. They have been given to us by users of this site, so we thought we would make them available to you. Please note that some recipes are to be prepared only for cats with specific health problems (in which case, you should clear it with your vet first). If you have any cat food recipes that you would like to see on this page, please

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